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This site has been started to allow me to post vulnerability reports, and to try to help out a little in the wider community. For now, check out the Advisories page for published issues. I hope you find it useful. Chris


CVE-2015-8094 - Hue - Open URL Redirection


There was a URL redirection issue with the login page of the Hue application. This relates to values given to the 'next' GET parameter accepted when accessing the login page. The value from the 'next' parameter was used as a redirection location immediately after authentication. This is a problem because it could be used by malicious parties in a phishing attack. 


To exploit the issue, something similar to the following URL could be sent to a victim user of the system: 

http://<hue server>:8888/accounts/login/?next=//

After a successful login, the victim would be redirected to using the schema from the original link. 


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